Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchase of tickets

Where can I purchase my tickets?

You can buy your tickets online at

Can I obtain my tickets electronically?

Yes, you may choose one of two options to receive your tickets.
(1) Print at Home: all you need to do is print your tickets and present them at the venue.
(2) Email Ticket: all you need to do is show your electronic ticket at the venue through your mobile device (iPhone or Android).

Which methods of payment are accepted for purchase?

For online purchases, accepted credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Ticket price and service charges

Who determines ticket prices?

The event’s promoter is responsible for setting ticket prices. does not establish, changes, or in any way modifies process for tickets sold through its service.

Who determines availability of tickets?

The event’s promoter is responsible for determining available inventory of tickets.

Are all tickets subjects to service charges?

Yes. All tickets purchased through are subject to service charges, as well as other charges which may not necessarily be optional. Services charges and additional charges may vary from event to event. Under no circumstances will service or additional charges be reimbursed, even if the event is cancelled. Your purchase confirmation includes all charges associated with your order.

Claims and refunds

Can I change or cancel my tickets?

No. All sales are final. will not cancel or exchange processed orders.

What happens if my event gets canceled or postponed?

The date, time, and location of the event are subject to change. Any reimbursement of ticket price due to changes in date, time, and/or location of the event are the sole responsibility of the promoter of the event. Refunds will be made through the same method of payment used for purchase. The promoter of the event will be responsible of notifying cancellation or postponement of the event, as well as any instructions for reimbursement. Service charges and additional charges will not be refunded.

Why are service charges not refundable? operates as the ticket sales processing service and sales agent for the promoter of the event. The promoter may change, cancel or postpone any event. However, with every ticket sale, has already incurred in operational expenses involved in every transaction and has provided its services.

What do I do if I lose my General Entrance tickets or they get stolen?

Issued and delivered General Entrance tickets will not be reprinted and access to the event will not be granted.

What do I do if I lose my Numbered-Seat tickets or if they get stolen?

The person who ordered the tickets must file a complaint with the Police reporting stolen or lost tickets. After filing the complaint, this person must show valid ID with picture and the complaint number at the box office, upon which replacement tickets will be issued. Venue will verify that no other person has already gained entry to the event with the tickets reported lost or stolen.