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It is well known that you learn about the character and courage of the people while they endure difficult times. Precisely because we know the heart of our people and because of the pride and love that we have for our Island is that we know that above all situations we might endure, “Nuestra luz es más fuerte, #PuertoRicoNoEstáApaga’o”, in other words “Our Light is Stronger, Puerto Rico Is Not Spiritless”

We are working with the crisis that Puerto Rico is experiencing the same as everyone else. That is why, with the greatest enthusiasm, we decided to unite our resources to help in the recovery of our Island. Our goal is to bring assistance where it's needed the most.

To reach this goal we will start working as a group on the following initiatives:

Metallic Donations

As part of the initiative we have created an account on the digital platform You Caring through which people can make donations to help finance the transport, shipping and distribution of the donations gathered in #PuertoRicoNoEstaApaga’o.

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USA Tour Donation Centers

In each city (Hartford, CT; Reading, PA; Kissimmee, FL y Tampa, FL) we will be receiving donations of primary need supplies. These donations will be packed and sent in shipping containers to Puerto Rico.

Donate supplies

Volunteers in Puerto Rico
and the United States

We need volunteers to handle the Donations and Shipment from United States and support in the logistics of Delivery and Distribution in Puerto Rico.


Official Movement T-Shirt

One hundred percent, 100%, of the profits will be destined to the movement Puerto Rico No Está Apaga'o. Make your donation by buying your t-shirt NOW!


Certainly, it won't be easy, it will take time and effort to be able to make a difference, but, we have accepted the challenge and decided to take action. We are certain that with united efforts our Island will recover. “NUESTRA LUZ ES MÁS FUERTE! #PUERTORICONOESTÁAPAGA’O.

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